What’s the big dill?! I’m launching a pickle company! Through my years of career experience in the media industry with food and advertising clients; I’m bringing my creative expertise, marketing tactics, and photo company together into a lifestyle food business! It’ll be themed on visual artistic branding, food science & history, direct consumer experience, a one-stop shop for swag, and healthy living with probiotic diets.

Pickled foods have played a major role in my life, I’m a nutritional buff and personally lost 107lbs of fat/muscle, then regained 40-50lbs in muscle through probiotic foods, exericse and plant protein! Down below is my before/after weight change, from 250lbs to 143lb, now 180-190lbs with 11.9% body fat!

I’ve traveled nationwide to pickle & food speciality festivals, allergen tradeshow markets, and other pickle shops for friendly networking an research & development. In my travels, I’ve hilariously earned the nickname “The Pickle-ographer”

View our private food portfolio: https://csmstudios.com/food-stills

*We’re still in development and not licensed yet, nor conducting legal food sales at this time. This is strictly a visual portfolio for the upcoming business. Scroll through!*